About Us

Established in 2019, we initiated a pursuit for premium firearms that are both aesthetically pleasing, reliable and functional. Our love for God, family, and country fueled our passion  and we knew there were like-minded individuals that needed somewhere to patron where they were treated with respect and honesty, with the support of our friends and family established Chosen Armory in Chino, CA in February 2020.


Locate at the heart of Southern California, we are unlike any other gun shop. We carry various Pistols, Rifles, Shotguns and specialize in Ultra Premium Carbines and Battle Rifles for freedom loving citizens, firearms instructors, and law enforcement.

We are firm believers that Freedom is a Mindset. Regardless of background, in your journey you have been Chosen to complete the tasks in front of you. 

Chosen to Prepare
Chosen to Provide
Chosen to Unite
Chosen to Protect
Chosen to Serve
Chosen to Sacrifice
Chosen to Conquer

Chosen Armory
We're not like everyone else, and that's ok.
Neither are you.