About Us

Established in 2019, we decided to pursue our passion for Guns, Gear and Freedom. Chosen Armory was born. Our love for God, family, country and high quality firearms directly contributes to what we wanted to achieve from the start. We knew there were like-minded individuals all over SoCal and we pushed on. With the support of our friends and family we were able to open our retail location in Chino, CA in February 2020.

2020 was a wild ride, we signed our lease in February 2020 and the country shut down in March so that made the FFL process rather lovely! We were able to make the most of it and expand our reach to the gear lovers such as ourselves. We marched on, after a long process with the ATF and CA DOJ we have our 07-FFL & 02SOT.


Call us for an appointment, we are unlike any other gunshop in Southern California and we are happy to build any lower and upper combination your heart desires.
Freedom is a mindset.

Whatever your journey, you have been Chosen to complete the task before you. 

Chosen to Prepare
Chosen to Provide
Chosen to Unite
Chosen to Protect
Chosen to Serve
Chosen to Sacrifice
Chosen to Conquer

Chosen Armory
We're not like everyone else, and that's ok.
Neither are you.